ELSA UK in the Time of Corona

A common cliché these days is that it is a strange time to be alive. As maddening as it is though, most clichés tend to be true.

It is a distressing and saddening time to witness and experience the human costs brought by Covid-19. It is a frustrating time to be a child worried about parents who do not want to #stayhome. It is a strange time to be a final year student, never getting to experience graduation or that blissful month between the final exam and the final goodbyes with your housemates.

As law students and, more specifically, as an association of law students, time has has, as another cliché would have it, slowed down. Opportunities, meetings and events, including the ones organised by ELSA International, have been postponed if not cancelled. We find ourselves confined in our rooms, depending on technology to keep us entertained, informed and connected.

Here at ELSA UK, we are incredibly proud of how our Local Groups and National Board members have used such technologies to adapt to the current situation and hope that the below examples provide others with motivation and inspiration to get through these strange times.

The Power of Social Media

Our Local Groups took an active role on social media over the past few weeks to remind their members and  followers to #stayhome, with different Local Groups sharing their supportive messages.

We also heard about the hopes of ELSA QMUL members starting with ‘after the quarantine I will’ – and we cannot wait to join them in some of those plans!

A mention has to also go to our new Observer group, ELSA Durham, who have entertained us all with an Instagram gif challenge – we can all agree that Netflix is keeping a lot of our members entertained at the moment!

ELSA UK Opportunities


Modern problems indeed require modern solutions. We are proud to announce that  the final preliminary rounds of our annual COMMOOT took place… online!

We have successfully held a moot court competition via video link, with participants, timekeepses and judges spread across the country, and indeed outside of the UK! Read more about the experience, including the testimonials of the participants here.

Amicus Essay Competition

Our annual Amicus Essay Competition is still ongoing!

The Amicus Essay Competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK and Ireland, as well as first year trainee barristers and trainee solicitors.

Essays should be no longer than 1,500 words and address the following title: ‘Critically Analyse the Human Rights Elements of the Death Penalty in Relation to Mental Illness.’

The deadline for entries is 5 April 2020 at 23:59 GMT. All submissions should be sent electronically via email to the Vice President for Academic Activities of ELSA Ireland Jodie McStay (academicactivities@ie.elsa.org )

First Prize is a 2 week Internship at Amicus ALJ and the publication of the winning essay in the third edition of the Student Comparative and European Law Review. The author of the runner-up essay will be awarded €250/£250 from Arthur Cox, one of Ireland’s leading law firms. Rules can be found on here (please be advised that the original deadline has been extended).

Finally, we would like to wish all of our members, alumni and supporters all the best in these difficult times! Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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