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ELSA Bristol

ELSA Bristol is the Local Group of ELSA for students at the University of Bristol. It was founded in September 2017 and became an Observer group of ELSA UK at the National Council Meeting in Exeter in November 2017. At the 18th National Council Meeting of ELSA UK in Stirling, ELSA  Bristol was unanimously voted in as a full Member. The group is affiliated with the Bristol SU: University of Bristol Students’ Union. ELSA Bristol hosted the 19th National Council Meeting of ELSA UK in October 2018.



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Seminars & Conferences (S&C)

For the 2020/21 academic year, thus far, the ELSA Bristol Seminars and Conferences team have organised an Artificial Intelligence Webinar in conjunction with ELSA Day to help enhance the knowledge and understanding of the role of legal technology in today’s day and age. Furthermore, ELSA Bristol has announced Project Wanderlust, a series of infographics made to give students a clear picture of what an institutional visit to various EU institutions might entail, which will culminate in a year-end poll designating a trip to be planned for the next academic year. This project aims to give students an insider perspective towards these key players in EU legislation, and to help expand their horizons to be internationally facing in a world of globalisation. Moreover, ELSA Bristol have started “Deep Dive: Practice Areas and the Law” series which is a series of webinars drawn out across the next few months aimed at developing the employability by giving them an in-depth understanding of existing practices and their future career pathway into the law.

In the coming academic term (February – April 2021), ELSA Bristol will be hosting two charitable initiatives. Firstly, the Refugee Project Initiative, held in collaboration with various charities to raise funds and awareness towards the refugee crisis, and to provide asylum seekers with a sense of belonging via the volunteering opportunities we have planned. Secondly, A Learning4Charity Initiative, which for this year will be coined the Coding4Chairty Initiative. This project aims to teach students new transferrable skills, whilst raising funds to support our charity partner for the event – Action Against Hunger – in battling the crisis on hunger and malnourishment in disenfranchised communities. Lastly, ELSA Bristol have some more extraneous events planned for the remainder of the term including, but not limited to, a Trainee Diversity Panel event, Assessment Centre Advice and Skills Session and so much more!

Academic Activities (AA)

The ENC is an interactive competition which simulates a negotiation process between two parties – where two teams consisting of two students each represent a party. The participants aim is obviously to sign a contract, however, participants will also need to fulfil the client’s interests as much as possible. ELSA Bristol Negotiation Competition was held on Wednesday, 2nd December 2020, as the preliminary round of ENC and the final round will take place next term. The winning team will then have a chance to represent University of Bristol in the upcoming ENC.

Moot Court Competitions (MCC)

This year ELSA Bristol is looking to take its involvement in ELSA’s Moot Court Competitions further than ever before. Primarily, this is to be achieved through greater involvement in ELSA’s national and international mooting competitions, alongside hosting our own local competition in the second half of the year.

ELSA Bristol is proud to announce that we have registered more teams than ever before to participate in ELSA’s Moot Court Competitions this year. Four teams will be representing Bristol in this year’s online edition of COMMOOT.

In addition, Bristol has also registered a team to compete in this year’s edition of European Human Rights Moot Court Competition. This is a large international competition, with finalists appearing in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. We wish our team the best of luck with the competition!

ELSA Bristol’s own regional competition will also begin next year, with the first round taking place in early January. This competition will provide teams from Bristol a valuable opportunity to practice mooting in accordance with ELSA’s official rulebook, as well as allowing students to develop their advocacy skills more generally. We hope it will be a fantastic experience for everyone involved!

Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP)

Being involved with STEP consists of verifying applications, giving general advice and promoting the programme to prospective candidates. This year ELSA Bristol has held a STEP presentation and application workshop. The plans for this term are to expand ELSA’s network of internship providers by securing at least one in Bristol.

Contact ELSA Bristol

Contact ELSA Bristol

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