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ELSA King’s College London is a local observer group. We aim of being a full member of the ELSA network by the end of the academic year!

Being part of the European Law Students’ Association at King’s College London is a great opportunity to be part of the legal community at King’s, and throughout Europe!  At King’s College London, ELSA provides seminars, conferences and workshops on legal issues or European matters. It also enables its members to take part in Moots, summer internships, and national and international conferences!

From the ELSA Moot Court competitions, to the ELSA Delegations in the UN, WIPO and many more, with ELSA you can become an active member of the European legal scene and meet law students and professionals alike from all over Europe and beyond!

Be part of an international, diverse and exciting experience with ELSA KCL! Challenge your legal skills and seek excellence!

At King’s College, ELSA provides moots, seminars, conferences and workshops on legal issues or European matters, and access to all ELSA opportunities (internships, summer schools, etc.).



Seminars and Conferences (S&C)

International Conference on Energy Law 2018

The International Conference on Energy Law provided the unique opportunity for you to engage with world leaders in the field of energy law including both practitioners at leading law firms and academics at prominent law faculties. 

The conference was a joint initiative of ELSA LSE, ELSA QMUL, ELSA KCL and ELSA UCL, providing an extraordinary opportunity to explore this lucrative and emerging field of legal practice in the global legal capital of London. 

The conference  covered all facets of energy law ranging from Climate Change and Public Policy to Energy Infrastructure and Corporate M&A over the course of two days through a combination of lectures, panel debates and interactive workshops.

International Lawyers Panel

Are you interested in being an international Lawyer, qualifying in multiple jurisdictions, or practising law without borders?

Then the International Lawyers Panel is for you!

Come and join us for a panel session with leading international litigators and global transactional lawyers followed by an informal Q&A session. Ask our guests about qualifying overseas, their experience with practice and how having an international outlook changed their professional lives. Learn about how different jurisdictions influence the practice of law and how you can become part of the international legal scene!

Academic Activities (AA)

Centre for European Law supporting Events; Prof. Andrea Biondi

Established in 1974, the Centre for European Law is well- known for its programme of public events and for its Postgraduate education. 

Directed by Prof. Andrea Biondi, lecturer at King’s College of London, the Centre is engaged in the debates revolving around the Brexit and its legal implications, and proves to be the leading hub in scholarly research and teaching in the field of EU Law.

Being a member of ELSA King’s is therefore a unique opportunity to take part in various events and debates around the European Union, as it regularly cooperates with the Center for European Law. In you are interested in broadening your knowledge and discussing legal issues, join the largest network of law students in Europe!

Tour of the Houses of Parliament 

ELSA will be organising a tour of the Houses of Parliament!

An expert guide will accompany us throughout a 90-minute tour through the House of Lords and House of Commons. Highlights of the Tour include: Westminster Hall, Norman Porch, Queen’s Robing Room, Royal Gallery, Prince’s Chamber, Lords Chamber, Moses Room, Central Lobby, Members’ Lobby, Aye Lobby, Commons Chamber and St Stephen’s Hall.

Moot Court Competitions (MCC)

No5 Chambers LGBT+ Rights Moot

ELSA is proud to announce the No5 Chambers LGBT+ Rights Moot! This is the first moot specialising in LGBT+ Rights at King’s College London, and it is kindly sponsored by No5 Chambers. The moot is open to anyone at King’s and was organised in order to raise awareness of LGBT+ rights at the university. A prize will be given to the winner of the moot during the reception held after the final round.

ELSA Competition Law Moot

The European Law Students’ Association is organising a Competition Law Moot at King’s in March. No previous mooting experience or knowledge in Competition Law is required to participate and everyone, law or non-law, is welcomed to participate. The final judging panel will consist of barristers from prestigious sets which have become well-known for their involvement in the legal dispute surrounding Brexit.

Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP)

Delegations and STEP workshops

ELSA King’s will be holding and interactive workshop to help you understand what ELSA delegations really are, what you can expect to do as part of these delegations and how to apply. Learn how you can become part of the largest network of law students, and bring your experience to international organisations with ELSA delegations!

Do you want to be part of the change the UN Sessions help make? If you are interested in international decision-making and being a part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience to attend meetings of the OECD or the Council of Europe, apply to Delegations with ELSA King’s!

Are you interested in broadening your professional and cultural horizons? Apply for a STEP traineeship! This is a unique opportunity to acquire working experience in a legal field in a foreign country – do not miss out! 

If you need some tips on how to make your application stand out, or want to know more about STEP traineeships, make sure you attend to the workshop ELSA King’s will be holding soon.

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