National Board 2017-2018

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The National Board for the 2017/2018 term was comprised of 8 elected officers and 7 appointed directors. The National Board sent delegations to the International Council Meetings of ELSA in Sarajevo and Lviv. The National Council Meetings of ELSA UK during this term were hosted in Exeter in the autumn and Stirling in the spring.


Ethan Dodd (University of Exeter)

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Hello!  I’m a law student at the University of Exeter.  With graduation now looming, I look forward to a few months of freedom before moving into the legal profession as a trainee solicitor.

I joined ELSA in June 2016 as the Vice President for Marketing of ELSA Exeter.  Following a successful few months here, gaining full local group status and student union affiliation, I was elected as Vice President for Marketing of ELSA UK.  The NCM and ICM Prague encouraged me to run for President of the National Board and ELSA Exeter for the 2017/2018 term.

My focus through both terms has been on improving ELSA United Kingdom’s image on a national and international level and paving the way for future Presidents to approach partners with more precedent.  Additionally, this is the year we welcomed Lady Hale, President of the Supreme Court, as the patron of ELSA United Kingdom.


Wing Ng (University of Aberdeen)

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I am a third-year law student studying Scots and English LLB Law at the University of Aberdeen. My ELSA journey started when I was in the second year and I heard about ELSA Aberdeen’s AGM. There, I ran for the position of Secretary General of ELSA Aberdeen. After I settled into my role, I got to learn the fundamental principles and values of ELSA and I was truly inspired.

Throughout my term as Secretary General of ELSA Aberdeen, I helped to organise the National Council Meeting in Aberdeen and various academic and social events along with the board in order to further promote ELSA at the university.

In Spring 2017, I decided to run for the National Board of ELSA UK 2017-2018 at XVI NCM London where I was elected as Secretary General of ELSA UK. During this year of my term, I have achieved majority of the objectives that I had pledged for and I couldn’t be more proud and happy that not only was I a part of the National Board, but also dedicated my time and effort to the Internal Management area through implementing the new G Suite email system, Alumni Network and the Individual Membership scheme.


Kieran Brehany (Queen Mary University of London)

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I am currently in my final year studying Law at Queen Mary, University of London. I am originally from Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire and have spent the last few years studying in London. I am a keen follower of Aston Villa and have also been fortunate to do a lot of travelling and I am currently planning an Interrailing trip for this summer.

My ELSA career has been very varied. In my first year of University, I joined ELSA Queen Mary and was fortunate to work on study visits and seminars and conferences. I helped organise a trip to Geneva and ran my own conference on Human Rights. In my second year, I was Secretary General of ELSA Queen Mary and I attended my first ELSA NCM in Aberdeen. Here, ELSA QM put a joint bid to host the next ELSA NCM in London and we won, so I became the Head of the Organising Committee. At that NCM, I was elected to my role as ELSA UK Treasurer and have attended two further NCM’s: Exeter and Stirling.

Vice President for Marketing (MKT) 

Michael Kest (University of Westminster)

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Originally from San Francisco, I am a penultimate year law student on the European Legal Studies LLB course at the University of Westminster.

My ELSA career began in 2016 when I joined the executive board of ELSA Westminster as VP Marketing. On the local level, I helped to grow the organisation and achieve full membership status within ELSA UK. At NCM Aberdeen, I was appointed as co-Head of the Organising Committee for the XVI NCM in London. In London, I ran for and was elected as VP Marketing of ELSA UK. Launching the ELSA UK website and attending International Council Meetings in Sarajevo and Lviv have been highlights of my term.

I am an aspiring commercial solicitor and intend to train and qualify in the UK.

Vice President for Seminar & Conferences (S&C)

Benedetta Veneruso (University of Kent)

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Vice President for Academic Activities (AA)

 Francesca Sella (University of Stirling)

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I am the Vice President for Academic Activities for ELSA UK as well as the President and co-founder of ELSA Stirling. I have participated in two ELSA summer law schools and I have also served as a researcher in the ELSA UK Legal Research Group on Migration Law as well as in the ELSA International Working Group of the Concluding Report of the Legal Research Group on Migration Law.

I am currently completing my LLB Law (Hons) degree at the University of Stirling. I work part-time as a trainee paralegal in an immigration law firm based in Glasgow and I aim to qualify as a solicitor and work in the field of immigration and asylum law.

Vice President for Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP)

Meeri Toivanen (London School of Economics)

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Originally from Finland, I have studied and worked in law over the past five years in seven countries. I am currently stationed in London for the duration of my LLM studies at the LSE. As an international student, ELSA’s agenda had a natural appeal to it since the start of law school, attracting me to participate in various lectures, excursions and events organised locally by ELSA both in Estonia and the Netherlands, where I was studying towards my undergraduate degree in international and European law. I completed three ELSA law schools over the summer of 2015 in Italy, Romania and Finland respectively, and following my graduation in the summer of 2016 I moved to Turkey for a STEP traineeship.

When the question arose whether I would consider taking over the national coordination of STEP in the United Kingdom during my LLM studies, my answer was immediate and affirmative. To me, STEP represents truly the best side of ELSA, namely the students and professionals’ exposure to unique multicultural experiences. During the term 2017/18, I am not only the VP STEP of ELSA United Kingdom but also the President and co-founder of the local group ELSA LSE.

Vice President for Moot Court Competitions (MCC)

Gertrud Metsa (University of Essex)

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I am a second-year law student studying Law with Human Rights at the University of Essex. I am originally from Estonia, where I first began my legal studies and was exposed to the world of ELSA. My ELSA career started three years ago when I took on the position of Director for Academic Activities in Estonia. After which, I moved to the UK and applied for the position of Director for Negotiation Competitions for ELSA UK.

This year I hold the position of Vice-President for Moot Court Competitions on the National Board. In addition, I am also the Assistant for the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition for ELSA International. Because the VP MCC position was newly founded, and I was the first to ever hold the title, the year largely consisted of researching the competition and planning for the organisation of a National Moot Competition within the UK in the next academic year to come.

My strong opinion is that ELSA gives law students alike the chance to put their legal knowledge to the test using various platforms we have to offer. Furthermore, I believe it is a network that truly empowers law students and gives them possibilities that other networks do not.



  • Director for External Affairs (BEE) – Callum Hirst (University of Exeter)
  • Director for Internal Management (IM) – Ana Neamtu
  • Director for Marketing (MKT) – Hendrik Jónsson (London School of Economics)
  • Director for Creative Design (MKT) – Zuzanna Grodzka
  • Director for the Student Comparative and European Law Review (AA) – Scott Davidson (Leiden University)
  • Director for Law Schools – Hendrik Jónsson (London School of Economics)
  • Directors for the Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP) – Shoshana Leibovici (Queen Mary University of London) and Dilan Yakut (University of Leicester)


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