National Board 2021-2022

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The National Board for the 2021/2022 term is comprised of six officers elected by the National Council, and two deputies.

The details about the first National Council Meeting of ELSA UK during this term will be updated soon.


Pauline Amice (Queen Mary University of London)

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I was born and raised in New Caledonia, a French tropical island between Australia and New Zealand. I moved to London to study Law at Queen Mary University of London where I will begin my third year. Growing up in such a multicultural environment, I am interested in International and Business Law.

I discovered ELSA during freshers’ week in my first year and immediately decided to be more involved. I was later elected for the position of Vice President in charge of Moot Court Competitions for ELSA UK during NCM Birmingham. As a national board officer, I was lucky enough to interact with our national network during our two online NCMs, but also throughout the year in the MCC area. I also participated in international events where I met the rest of the international network. It is my dedication to the UK network which inspired me to run for President during NCM XXIV.

This upcoming year, following the recent change to CIC status, I will develop and implement a new external relations system for ELSA UK. I will also ensure that the network feels supported in the transition to in-person events. Finally, I aim to represent our network on the international level.

Secretary General

Adam ElKholy (Queen Mary University of London)

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I’m Adam ElKholy, born and raised in Egypt and I moved to the UK to study Law at Queen Mary University of London. I recently graduated and I am about to start my LLM at QMUL’s Centre for Commercial Legal Studies.

My Journey with ELSA started during my second year as the Director of Internal Management. The following year I was elected Secretary General, where I had to deal with the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on our local group and our events. Additionally, I attended 3 NCMs and volunteered as the secretary for the IM and BEE workshops.

This year I intend to focus on improving the infrastructure of ELSA UK in order to adapt to the ever-changing world and our journey as a CIC.

Deputy Treasurer

Clarissa Bürki (University of Nottingham)

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I’m a third-year student studying Law at the University of Nottingham.

Having grown up in a multicultural household and across different countries, it was originally the opportunity to meet a diverse range of different people that drew me to ELSA in my first year where I quickly got involved by becoming ELSA Nottingham’s Social Media Director. Here I made some unforgettable memories and friendships, which encouraged me to take part in the society in any way I could – including the hosting of the Moot Court Competitions, the International Conference on Refugee Law and Innovative Legal Week.

For my second year I was delighted to have been elected Treasurer of ELSA Nottingham, where despite the challenges posed by the pandemic I raised money through sponsorships and grants for ELSA Nottingham’s Refugee Project.

I plan to use this experience well this year in my new position as Treasurer of ELSA UK, where I hope to bring more knowledge and support to Treasurers across local groups. I also plan to take on lessons from the pandemic, implementing new safeguards and an emergency fund to better support groups.

Vice President for Marketing (MKT) 

Conor Courtney (University College London)

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I’m Conor Courtney, and I’m originally from Dublin, but currently living and working in London. I moved to England to complete my Masters in International Commercial Law at UCL, and it was at UCL that I first really started to take part in ELSA events and the ELSA Community.

I was appointed as the Director for Marketing at my local group, and since then I have had the wonderful opportunity to get more and more involved with ELSA each year. Last year I was able to work alongside the UK National Board, as the Director for Newsletter. I also had the chance to write on one of the annual ELSA International Legal Research Group reports.

This year, I plan to use the ELSA UK social media presence to promote the events and the stories of ELSA members, and to encourage more law students to join us. I also intend to further develop the ELSA UK newsletter, and to focus on collaboration with other groups, organisations, firms, and students.

Vice President for Seminars & Conferences (S&C)

Rodger Nyioh Chin Meng (University of Bristol)

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I am an international student hailing from Malaysia and was born and raised in the humble little town of Butterworth, Penang. Much of my drive for pursuing an LLB is motivated by my roots in charity and supporting the disenfranchised as I grew more aware of the stark inequalities that existed between students like me and those who had the privilege of attending international schools in the capital. I was glad, then, to have found the many positive ways I could impact communities – from refugees and asylum seekers, to those battling hunger and malnutrition – in a positive manner through the role of VPSC, which became my raison d’etre for being on the ELSA UK Board.

I’ve always had a burning passion for discovering new things and this comes part in parcel with my love for meeting new people! I joined ELSA Bristol as VPSC for this exact reason, and I had the opportunity to meet a diverse range of individuals. I had the privilege of working with my dear President whose dedication and vision inspired me to take my work a step further and, as a result, I spearheaded the Coding4Charity Initiative, a programming course which raised GBP200.00 for a charity that battles with hunger. Furthermore, I also found great joy in assisting the then-VPS&C UK and the Director for Refugee Projects in expanding the initiative to my local group at Bristol, similarly introducing fundraising efforts to support the British Red Cross’s asylum seeker services.

Although I had only been contributing to the development of the organisation for a short one-year-term, my experience has been nothing short of insightful and eye-opening. With this, in the coming year, I hope not only to build upon the hard work of the many who have poured their heart and soul into developing the Refugee Project, but also to introduce a new initiative of my own, giving the members of our ELSA network opportunities to develop their passion and interests, much like how I have in my experiences with the organisation.


Vice President for Academic Activities (AA)

Edwin John (University of Nottingham)

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I’m Edwin, a 21 year old final year LLB student at the University of Nottingham. Originally from India, I’ve had the pleasure of living in the Middle East for the majority of my childhood. Moving to this beautiful country an anxious, if slightly overenthusiastic, 19 year old, I simply had no clue what the future held for me. I count myself immensely lucky then, that fate brought ELSA Nottingham, and through it this wider, welcoming community, into my life 3 years ago.

Over those 3 years, I’ve grown, and matured, as has my relationship with ELSA. Starting off as VP Marketing with ELSA Nottingham, I had the pleasure of assisting in the organisation of multiple events of exceptional magnitude, including my personal favourite, ‘Leading the Way: A talk with Lady Hale’. Enchanted by everything ELSA had to give me, I was adamant on further entrenching myself in this family. I hence joined the EIT as assistant for the ELSA4Schools project. A year later, I was elected by my marvelous ELSA UK council as their Vice President for Academic Activities. Working in this role alongside my new EIT title of Director for ROLE Campaign, I quickly set about redefining the scope of this area, focusing on fresh ideas aimed at giving back to the community with the skills and knowledge of our members.

Re-elected to this position once again, I hope to continue the steady progress we have been making in this crucial field of social responsibility. The further expansion of ELSA4Schools, alongside the nurturing of other social responsibility projects, will be my primary mandate. I am elated by the potential espoused within this opportunity, and am honoured to be entrusted with this responsibility. I am certain that with the unwavering passion and support on show from all the wonderful individuals within ELSA UK, this is going to be an exceptional year for all of us.

Vice President for Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP) / Professional Development

Shruthi Anand (University of Nottingham)

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I’m Shruthi, a final-year LLB student at the University of Nottingham. My ELSA journey began in my first year when I signed up to become a member of ELSA Nottingham to participate as a volunteer in their amazing Refugee Project. On my very first day of volunteering, I realised what a wonderful community I became a part of. Exploring the world of ELSA further, I discovered the various opportunities offered that adds value to us as young legal professionals, and my love for this family only grew.

I have had the privilege of being elected as the Vice President for STEP in ELSA Nottingham, during which I have taken efforts to organise and promote STEP-related events for members while also actively engaging with prospective traineeship providers. I realised then that this area has so much potential to develop in the future into something more than just a traineeship programme.

During my term on the National Board, I intend to increase the presence of STEP in the wider ELSA UK network. With the shift in focus to Professional Development, I wish to introduce new avenues, such as our own National Traineeship Programme and other multi-area projects. I also plan to work closely with local groups to define what the rebranding means for ELSA UK as a whole and inspire them to take up their own initiatives under this banner.

Deputy for Moot Court Competitions (MCC)

Lianne Suleiman (University of Nottingham)

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Originally from the US, I spent most of my adult life in Kuwait. I moved to London to pursue a career in law and later found myself at the University of Nottingham. I will be progressing onto my fourth and final year subsequent to partaking in a year abroad in Lodz, Poland. I have an avid interest in human rights, international relations and diplomacy.

ELSA has been an integral part of my university journey, stemming back to when I was an EHRMCC participant in my first year. My involvement quickly grew through my participation with the ELSA Nottingham local board and the EHRMCC Western Regional Round. Over the years, I’ve been given the pleasure to witness all that ELSA has to offer and work with an outstanding community that I cherish.

In the upcoming term, I will hold the position of Vice-President of Moot Court Competitions of ELSA United Kingdom. I aim to uphold my predecessors’ efforts while further expanding on the MCC area through implementing the ELSA Talks competition and exploring the viability of new moots in niche legal areas, such as refugee rights.


Call for directors coming shortly.

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