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ELSA Reading is the Local Group of ELSA for students studying at the University of Reading. It is currently an observer group of ELSA UK with the intenion to become a full member at the next National Council Meeting of ELSA UK.  ELSA Reading is affiliated with ELSA UK and ELSA International. This group is also affiliated with Reading University Students’ Union. 



ELSA Reading Trip abroad:

After an application process, ELSA Reading members and members of Reading’s Law Society are selected to attend the annual ‘ELSA Reading’ trip. Every year, ELSA Reading chooses the European destination; the requirement is that it needs to be a base of the European Union. Last year, we visited Brussels, in Belgium, In Brussels, we had the opportunity to visit three European institutions, namely the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission.

At the European Parliament, we had a presentation on the various matters that currently concern the European Parliament, inter alia Brexit and the upcoming elections in May. Then we visited the hemicycle to soak up the exciting atmosphere of the world’s largest transnational parliament

At the Council of the European Union, we had an informative visit where we acquired an insight and better understood why the Council is an essential EU decision-maker.


At the European Commission, we had an educational presentation and conversation on various topics including Brexit and its tremendous consequences on both the EU and the UK itself. We further visited the Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department of the European Commission, where we met with Mr. Savvides, the advisor of the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Mr. Stylianides. There, we had a thorough discussion, intler alia, on the ‘RescEU’ plan that Mr. Stylianides has recently initiated which was followed by a visit to the operational centre to put theory into practice! Lastly, we also paid a visit to the visitors’ centre of the European Parliament, the Parlamentarium, for students and members of staff to learn the history of the European Union in a much more engaging, interactive and hands- on experience

Guided visit to Westminster Parliament:

Every year, the first ELSA Reading activity is the guided visit to Westminster Parliament. This is an opportunity for ELSA members but also for other law students, to discover how Westminster Parliament works. It is an informative tour in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords where attendants inter alia, learn about the Parliament’s history, the procedure required for a Bill to become an Act of Parliament and much about the Westminster Hall which is almost 1000 years old! Entrance to the general public is not permitted in the UK Parliament so this is a very unique and exciting opportunity for ELSA Reading!

Visit to the Crown Court at Reading:

A newly inserted activity in ELSA Reading’s list of activities is the visit to the Crown Court at Reading. The Crown Court is a criminal court and thus attendants might encounter cases involving murder, rape, paedophilia and more. This is an event organised exclusively for ELSA registered members. This is a great opportunity for all those who want to see the everyday procedures of trials in the Courts of England and Wales and how barristers deal with the law in a court. The past year, ELSA Reading members who attended had the great honour to meet a Crown court judge and ask her various questions.

Debating Session:

This is a session organised exclusively for ELSA Reading members, who meet and debate a given motion. Last year, ELSA Reading members met and deliberated on the motion: “This House believes that euthanasia should be legal”.  Participants needed to research both for and against the given motion because they were randomly allocated on the day of the event to either in House ‘For’ or in House ‘Against’ (the motion). On the day, a specific debating procedure was followed and the event’s coordinator kept a record of the participants while debating. This record was given as feedback to the debaters at the end of the session and concerned the language and body-language used, how persuasive the debaters were while debating and how well-constructed their arguments were. This opportunity gives to the participants an amalgamation of benefits, including the ability to research cleverly rather than heavily, the ability to work within time limits and most importantly, the ability to use one’s most persuasive arguments which are backed up with statistics, cases, legislation and more.

Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP)

ELSA Reading strongly encourages its ELSA Reading members to apply for STEP because it is a unique opportunity which supplements the traineeship schemes of law firms, companies, banks, universities, public and private institutions, and provides suitable trainees with both short and long-term placements. Traineeships can last between 2 weeks and 2 years and it is an experience of working abroad in a law-related area, thus introducing them to a different legal system and enabling them to gain valuable professional experience. The ELSA Reading Vice-President for STEP strongly recommends members to contact her, so they can go through the application and credentials together, to ensure the member’s eligibility and send off the best possible application to increase the chances of being accepted.

Contact ELSA Reading

Contact ELSA Reading

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