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Becoming a STEP provider offers any company or organisation many unique benefits, four of which are listed below. As long as you can offer the STEP trainee some form of legal work and adequate remuneration, STEP is for you!

STEP is Tailored to your Requirements

As a STEP provider, it is up to you to determine the conditions of employment: inter alia the duration of the traineeship (anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 years), the level of remuneration payable to the trainee, the content of work, and other conditions. You get to determine which skills you require from the trainee: inter alia the level of study, legal skills, and language skills.

A Streamlined Recruitment Process

As a STEP provider, ELSA only presents you with qualified applications, i.e. those which satisfy the conditions and requirements you have yourself set for the placement. You get to review the applicants’ CVs and motivation letters, and even invite them for a Skype interview if you wish. The final decision is yours – you can choose the applicant of your preference, although you are not obliged to choose one.

Exposure to the World’s Largest Network of Law Students

As a STEP provider, your organisation will be presented on ELSA’s STEP website, and through ELSA’s communication and promotion channels reaching over 50,000 members worldwide.

It is Free!

As a STEP provider, you bear no administrative or procedural costs towards ELSA at any point. You are only expected to provide the trainee an adequate amount of remuneration towards the basic living expenses in the respective location.

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